Angela England

May 20

Growing, Planting and Using Agastache Hummingbird Mint -

Hummingbird mint or giant hyssop is a favorite perennial for xeriscaping because of the beautiful flowers and drought-tolerance nature agastache has.

May 18

Best Eye-Catching Plants for Container Garden Accent Pieces -

Create stunning container gardens using these unusual and eye-catching annual and perennial plants as accents, or stand-alones, in the combination.

May 13

Squash Vegetables and Pumpkins That Grow up a Garden Trellis -

Small space gardening has used trellises to grow many garden vegetables like beans and tomatoes vertically. Try these squash and pumpkin varieties as well.

May 12

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Crazy Stuff at the MoMA: “The Artist is Present” Review

Mar 18

How to Grow Globeflower Plant Profile -

Globeflowers provide gardeners with bright and beautiful spring color in cool season landscapes but do not tolerate drought well.

Mar 15

How to Grow Blue Star Plant Profile -

A native plant to North America, the blue star has beautiful blue flower clusters through much of the late spring and early summer.

Dec 21

Container Herb Plants for Homegrown Tea Blends -

Many herbs are used in delicious and nutritious brews and tea blends to drink, in addition to being used for cooking and other purposes.